Visit Historic Palestine Poster


– The Walled off Hotel edition
– Offset lithograph poster
– 58.9 cm x 41.7 cm
– Blind Stamped / Hotel stamp on rear in pink
– Unknown Edition
– 2019

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Sold originally at the Gift Shop at the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem to hotel guests. This was a pro-Palestine stunt that sparked a spat With a top Israeli Art Collector, Israeli billionaire Batia Ofer who is known for her left-leaning views and slammed the British artist’s poster as ‘disgraceful’ after it earned Banksy praise from the Palestinian tourism minister.

Banksy is perhaps the best-known graffiti artist working in Britain today, and his influence extends far beyond the urban environment. His stencils, often political, and underlined with humour, adorn walls from London to Barcelona. His most memorable stunts, or interventions, include hanging one of his own paintings at Tate Britain (which went undetected for hours) and mounting a stuffed rat at London’s Natural History Museum. Although most of his work pokes fun at royalty or religion, perhaps his most interesting work has been in the anti-war vein.