Pietro Sanna

Contemporary Artist


Pietro Sanna is an Italian contemporary artist, born in Sardinia and currently living in York , UK. Pietro originally focused on the mediums of painting and collage, and whilst undertaking his degree in 2014 , he started to experiment with ceramics. Pietro explored the notion of the vessel as a 3d canvas , onto which he expresses a narrative through visual imagery and words . To build his vessels , Pietro uses the coil technique , the results are uneven and asymmetrical shapes. Into which he creates layered narratives using words, statements, his own poetry, and hand drawn visual imagery. Pietro gets his inspiration from a variety of sources and his work usually carries political and sociological statements , as well as his own reflections. His work tries to express a more philosophical engagement with human emotions such as: life, love, and death (these words are often used in a repetitive manner as a mantra) and the human struggles as individuals and as a society. Pietro often finishes his vessels in 24 Karat gold. He uses gold as a statement to express the meanings and power that this material has currently and historically held throughout humanity. He is interested in the influence and perception of gold that we still have in our society today , and the power that it still has in shaping our existence. Pietro works it’s currently exhibited in different galleries around the UK.

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