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about penny
British stencil artist Jim Penfold aka Penny (aka Onepennypiece) is known for his super tiny and intricate works on anything from currency to items as small as a postage stamp. He gave up a well paid career as a neurosurgeon and instead used his knife skills to create the most unique and intricate artworks. Penny is constantly pushing himself to create stencil works that are not only beautiful, but convey a message. Penny graduated from Chelsea College of Art Design and Central Saint Martins and quickly established himself within the urban art scene in London. He has received critical acclaim for his hand cut extremely detailed and occasionally mind-boggling tiny stencils with his bare hands. The ubiquity of everyday objects and often overlooked ephemera offer a useful backdrop for Penny’s work, with currency providing the most inspiring themes. This recurring element allows the artist to overlay subtle narratives within an already meaningful context. These recurring motifs include destabilised power structures, subverted notions of wealth/value, the juxtaposition of pop culture images and our relationship with the state/money.
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