Nathan Mellott

Contemporary Artist


Nathan is an American figurative and symbolist painter driven by anthropological curiosity. He is from a specific culture but no specific place, being born into a itinerant military officer’s family. Such restlessness led him to the pencil and page early on. Coupled with a fascination for the beauty and expressive capacity of the human body, painting became his means of communicating the great differences and universalities between the worlds amid which he moved. Born in the dark heart of the Louisiana Bayou he was always on the road. He has since lived in New York, Los Angeles, London, Hawaii, Taipei, Daegu, Florence and Prague.

Nathan’s work is vibrantly colored and continuously experimental – oscillating between mediums and bouts of exacting precision and lively expressionism. He is also a sculptor, muralist, writer, and nationally published portrait photographer. His paintings have appeared twice for review in American Art Collector Magazine.

Nathan is self taught. However, he claims that to his detriment he spent a semester’s study at New York’s Grand Central Academy. He was forced out by faculty over the exhaustion of working 40 hours in the studio on top of 40 hours at a job every week. But he could return, they said, “when you are financially sound enough.” Later that year he was arrested for graffiti and moved away from New York for good.

Currently, he resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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