Claire Ward

Contemporary Artist

About Claire

Based out of West Wales, Claire Ward is a new and exciting artist who has recently obtained her Masters of Art from the Royal College of Art. 

Claire is a transdisciplinary artist who has always been concerned with the greyey bits of humans, those parts that aren’t clear and the decisions made within them.

“There is an unaccountable amount of visceralhubristic data, information, knowledge dumped at our feet, much of which we are not aware of that influences our choices. This is why I have my own methodology of ‘Heapology’ in order to navigate, nurture & ‘lick the gaps’.

‘Heapology’ is the strange sticky idea of heaps, dumps, stacks or piles

The formal concern is the process of truthy dimensions ‘so massive in relation to our human and non-human biosphere’. It’s this strangeweird abyss where I am ‘licking the gaps’ drawing attention to ‘blurry’ tactics of communication that are central to the simplifying or not of a complex problem.”

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